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type Event {
address: Address
visibleOn: AdvertisementVisibleEnum = HOME
ids: [ID!]
): [AdvertisementUnion!]!
slotId: ID
): [MeetingPlace!]! @deprecated
slotId: ID
): [Location!]!
participantIds: [ID!]
): [MeetingSlot!]!
bannerUrl: String @deprecated
banner: Banner
beginsAt: String!
liveAt: String
defaultLocationCapacity: Int!
code: String
createdAt: String
description: String
descriptionTranslations: [TranslationString!]!
filters: [DocumentsFilterInputType!]
order: [DocumentsOrderInputType!]
page: Int = 1
pageSize: Int = 10
search: String
): DocumentsResult
endsAt: String!
ids: [ID!]
target: FieldDefinitionTargetEnum
): [FieldDefinitionUnion!]!
eventPeopleFieldDefinitions: [FieldDefinitionUnion!]!
exhibitorCustomFieldGroups: [CustomFieldGroup]! @deprecated
exhibitorFieldDefinitions: [FieldDefinitionUnion!]!
exhibitorLinks: [ExhibitorLink!]!
exhibitorsTypes: [StylizedCategory!] @deprecated
groups: [EventGroup!]!
htmlDescription: String
id: String!
isLive: Boolean!
language: LanguageEnum!
latitude: Float
filters: [ListEventViewsFilter!]
page: Int = 1
pageSize: Int = 100
search: String
): ListEventViewsResult!
longitude: Float
filters: EventLocationsFilterInput
cursor: CursorPaginationInput
): LocationConnection!
peopleCustomFieldGroups: [CustomFieldGroup]! @deprecated
planningFieldDefinitions: [FieldDefinitionUnion!]!
planningsCategories: [StylizedCategory!] @deprecated
planningsPlaces: [StylizedCategory!] @deprecated
planningsTypes: [StylizedCategory!] @deprecated
filter: ProductCategoriesFilterInput
cursor: CursorPaginationInput
): ProductCategoriesConnection!
cursor: CursorPaginationInput
filter: ProductFilterInput
search: String
sort: [ProductSortInput!]
): ProductsConnection!
sendOnboardingRequest: Boolean!
slug: String!
speakersTypes: [StylizedCategory!]
sponsorsCategories: [StylizedCategory!]
timezone: String
title: String!
titleTranslations: [TranslationString!]!
ids: [String!]
search: String
): Int! @deprecated
ids: [String!]
search: String
): Int!
ids: [String!]
search: String
): Int!
ids: [String!]
search: String
): Int!
ids: [String!]
search: String
): Int!
translationLanguages: [LanguageEnum!]!
twitterHashtag: String
updatedAt: String
visibility: EventVisibilityEnum
backgroundImageUrl: String @deprecated
isPublic: Boolean!
canRegister: Boolean! @deprecated
isSuggested: Boolean!
showSimilarExhibitors: Boolean!
showSimilarProducts: Boolean!
showSimilarPlannings: Boolean!
filter: AccessCodeScansFilterInput
cursor: CursorPaginationInput
): AccessCodeScansConnection!
ids: [ID!]
): [TicketType!]!
themes: [ThemeLink!]
search: String
filter: PushNotificationsFilterInput
cursor: CursorPaginationInput
sort: PushNotificationsSortInput
): PushNotificationConnection!
exhibitorRoles: [Role!]!
analytics: Analytics_EventWrapper @deprecated


Event.address ● Address object

Event.advertisements ● [AdvertisementUnion!]! non-null union

List all advertisements in the event.

Event.advertisements.visibleOn ● AdvertisementVisibleEnum enum

Filter advertisements based on event views - HOME for event home view or EVENT_VIEW for other views

Event.advertisements.ids ● [ID!] list scalar

Event.meetingPlacesAvailable ● [MeetingPlace!]! deprecated non-null object


Use availableLocations instead

List meeting places in the event available on a slot.

Event.meetingPlacesAvailable.slotId ● ID scalar

Event.availableLocations ● [Location!]! non-null object

List locations available for meetings on this slot. A slot is available if the meeting capacity is not reached.

Event.availableLocations.slotId ● ID scalar

Event.meetingSlotsAvailable ● [MeetingSlot!]! non-null object

List meeting slots in the event available for participants.

Event.meetingSlotsAvailable.participantIds ● [ID!] list scalar

Event.bannerUrl ● String deprecated scalar


Use field banner instead

Event.banner ● Banner object

Event.beginsAt ● String! non-null scalar

Event.liveAt ● String scalar

Event.defaultLocationCapacity ● Int! non-null scalar

Event.code ● String scalar

Event.createdAt ● String scalar

Event.description ● String scalar

Event.descriptionTranslations ● [TranslationString!]! non-null object

Event.documents ● DocumentsResult object

Event.documents.filters ● [DocumentsFilterInputType!] list input
Event.documents.order ● [DocumentsOrderInputType!] list input ● Int scalar
Event.documents.pageSize ● Int scalar ● String scalar

Event.endsAt ● String! non-null scalar

Event.fieldDefinitions ● [FieldDefinitionUnion!]! non-null union

List all field definitions in the event.

Event.fieldDefinitions.ids ● [ID!] list scalar ● FieldDefinitionTargetEnum enum

Event.eventPeopleFieldDefinitions ● [FieldDefinitionUnion!]! non-null union

Event.exhibitorCustomFieldGroups ● [CustomFieldGroup]! deprecated non-null object


Use exhibitorFieldDefinitions instead

Event.exhibitorFieldDefinitions ● [FieldDefinitionUnion!]! non-null union

Event.exhibitorsTypes ● [StylizedCategory!] deprecated list object


Use exhibitorFieldDefinitions instead

Event.groups ● [EventGroup!]! non-null object

Event.htmlDescription ● String scalar ● String! non-null scalar

Event.isLive ● Boolean! non-null scalar

Event.language ● LanguageEnum! non-null enum

Event.latitude ● Float scalar

Event.listEventViews ● ListEventViewsResult! non-null object

Event.listEventViews.filters ● [ListEventViewsFilter!] list input ● Int scalar
Event.listEventViews.pageSize ● Int scalar ● String scalar

Event.longitude ● Float scalar

Event.locations ● LocationConnection! non-null object

Event.locations.filters ● EventLocationsFilterInput input
Event.locations.cursor ● CursorPaginationInput input

Event.peopleCustomFieldGroups ● [CustomFieldGroup]! deprecated non-null object


Use field "eventPeopleFieldDefinitions" instead

Event.planningFieldDefinitions ● [FieldDefinitionUnion!]! non-null union

Event.planningsCategories ● [StylizedCategory!] deprecated list object


Use planningFieldDefinitions instead

Event.planningsPlaces ● [StylizedCategory!] deprecated list object


Use planningFieldDefinitions instead

Event.planningsTypes ● [StylizedCategory!] deprecated list object


Use planningFieldDefinitions instead

Event.productCategories ● ProductCategoriesConnection! non-null object

List all product categories in the event.

Event.productCategories.filter ● ProductCategoriesFilterInput input
Event.productCategories.cursor ● CursorPaginationInput input

Event.products ● ProductsConnection! non-null object

List all products in the event

Event.products.cursor ● CursorPaginationInput input
Event.products.filter ● ProductFilterInput input ● String scalar
Event.products.sort ● [ProductSortInput!] list input

Event.sendOnboardingRequest ● Boolean! non-null scalar

Event.slug ● String! non-null scalar

Event.speakersTypes ● [StylizedCategory!] list object

Event.sponsorsCategories ● [StylizedCategory!] list object

Event.timezone ● String scalar

Event.title ● String! non-null scalar

Event.titleTranslations ● [TranslationString!]! non-null object

Event.totalAttendees ● Int! deprecated non-null scalar


Used eventGroups (peopleCount) instead

Event.totalAttendees.ids ● [String!] list scalar ● String scalar

Event.totalExhibitorMembers ● Int! non-null scalar

Event.totalExhibitorMembers.ids ● [String!] list scalar ● String scalar

Event.totalExhibitors ● Int! non-null scalar

Event.totalExhibitors.ids ● [String!] list scalar ● String scalar

Event.totalPlannings ● Int! non-null scalar

Event.totalPlannings.ids ● [String!] list scalar ● String scalar

Event.totalSpeakers ● Int! non-null scalar

Event.totalSpeakers.ids ● [String!] list scalar ● String scalar

Event.translationLanguages ● [LanguageEnum!]! non-null enum

Event.twitterHashtag ● String scalar

Event.updatedAt ● String scalar

Event.visibility ● EventVisibilityEnum enum

Event.backgroundImageUrl ● String deprecated scalar


Use themes instead

Event.isPublic ● Boolean! non-null scalar

When true, event is accessible for everyone (including anonymous users).

Event.canRegister ● Boolean! deprecated non-null scalar


Use registrationSettings instead

When true, every user can register to the event.

Event.isSuggested ● Boolean! non-null scalar

When true, event is listed a the list of suggested events.

Event.showSimilarExhibitors ● Boolean! non-null scalar

when false, similarExhibitors are always blank

Event.showSimilarProducts ● Boolean! non-null scalar

when false, similarProducts are always blank

Event.showSimilarPlannings ● Boolean! non-null scalar

when false, similarPlannings are always blank

Event.accessCodeScans ● AccessCodeScansConnection! non-null object

List scans done from access codes.

Event.accessCodeScans.filter ● AccessCodeScansFilterInput input
Event.accessCodeScans.cursor ● CursorPaginationInput input

Event.ticketTypes ● [TicketType!]! non-null object

List ticket types.

Event.ticketTypes.ids ● [ID!] list scalar

Event.pushNotifications ● PushNotificationConnection! non-null object ● String scalar
Event.pushNotifications.filter ● PushNotificationsFilterInput input
Event.pushNotifications.cursor ● CursorPaginationInput input
Event.pushNotifications.sort ● PushNotificationsSortInput input

Event.exhibitorRoles ● [Role!]! non-null object ● Analytics_EventWrapper deprecated object


Use 'Analytics Event API' instead.

Returned by

event query ● events query

Member Of

Connection object ● CreateFieldDefinitionPayload object ● DeleteFieldDefinitionsPayload object ● Document object ● EventsConnection object ● MeetingGenerationExplanations object ● PushNotificationEventAttendeeTarget object ● PushNotificationEventRedirection object ● UpdateFieldDefinitionPayload object