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type EventPerson {
id: ID!
userId: ID
email: String
firstName: String!
lastName: String!
jobTitle: String
secondJobTitle: String @deprecated
photoUrl: String
organization: String
websiteUrl: String
biography: String
address: Address
phoneNumbers: [PhoneNumber!]!
socialNetworks: [SocialNetwork!]!
tags: [String!]! @deprecated
badges: [BadgeUnion!]! @deprecated
groups: [EventGroup!]!
fields: [FieldUnion!]!
customFields: [CustomFieldUnion!]! @deprecated
isVisible: Boolean!
source: EventPersonSource
createdAt: DateTime!
updatedAt: DateTime!
communityProfileUpdatedAt: DateTime!
type: String
speakerOnPlannings: [Planning!]!
attendeeOnPlannings: [Planning!]! @deprecated
memberOnExhibitors: [Exhibitor!]!
engagementScore: Float! @deprecated
clientIds: [ID!]!
bookmarkedExhibitors: [Exhibitor!]! @deprecated
bookmarkedProducts: [Product!]! @deprecated
registration: Registration
cursor: CursorPaginationInput
): EventsConnection!
eventId: ID!
): EventPersonWithEvent

Fields ● ID! non-null scalar

EventPerson.userId ● ID scalar ● String scalar

EventPerson.firstName ● String! non-null scalar

EventPerson.lastName ● String! non-null scalar

EventPerson.jobTitle ● String scalar

EventPerson.secondJobTitle ● String deprecated scalar


Do not use

EventPerson.photoUrl ● String scalar

EventPerson.organization ● String scalar

EventPerson.websiteUrl ● String scalar

EventPerson.biography ● String scalar

EventPerson.address ● Address object

EventPerson.phoneNumbers ● [PhoneNumber!]! non-null object

EventPerson.socialNetworks ● [SocialNetwork!]! non-null object

EventPerson.tags ● [String!]! deprecated non-null scalar


Do not use

EventPerson.badges ● [BadgeUnion!]! deprecated non-null union


use withEvent.badges

EventPerson.groups ● [EventGroup!]! non-null object

EventPerson.fields ● [FieldUnion!]! non-null union

EventPerson.customFields ● [CustomFieldUnion!]! deprecated non-null union


use withEvent.fields

EventPerson.isVisible ● Boolean! non-null scalar

EventPerson.source ● EventPersonSource enum

EventPerson.createdAt ● DateTime! non-null scalar

EventPerson.updatedAt ● DateTime! non-null scalar

EventPerson.communityProfileUpdatedAt ● DateTime! non-null scalar

EventPerson.type ● String scalar

EventPerson.speakerOnPlannings ● [Planning!]! non-null object

Represents community level info. If you want to get event level info, use withEvent.speakerOnPlannings

EventPerson.attendeeOnPlannings ● [Planning!]! deprecated non-null object


use withEvent.attendeeOnPlannings

EventPerson.memberOnExhibitors ● [Exhibitor!]! non-null object

Represents community level info. If you want to get event level info, use withEvent.memberOnExhibitors

EventPerson.engagementScore ● Float! deprecated non-null scalar


use withEvent.engagementScore

EventPerson.clientIds ● [ID!]! non-null scalar

List of client IDs attached to this person inside the community.

EventPerson.bookmarkedExhibitors ● [Exhibitor!]! deprecated non-null object


use withEvent.bookmarkedExhibitors

List of bookmarked exhibitors for the user attached to person

EventPerson.bookmarkedProducts ● [Product!]! deprecated non-null object


use withEvent.bookmarkedProducts

List of bookmarked products for the user attached to person

EventPerson.registration ● Registration object ● EventsConnection! non-null object ● CursorPaginationInput input

EventPerson.withEvent ● EventPersonWithEvent object

EventPerson.withEvent.eventId ● ID! non-null scalar

Member Of

AccessCodeScan object ● Analytics_CommunityUsers object ● Analytics_Users object ● EventPeopleConnection object ● EventPersonImported object ● ExhibitorMemberWithEvent object ● ListEventPeopleResult object ● MeetingGenerationExplanations object ● MeetingParticipant object ● PushNotificationCommunityProfileTarget object ● Speaker object ● SpeakerWithEvent object ● UpdateEventPersonPayload object ● VideoBackstage object