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type AccessCodeScan {
id: ID!
deviceName: String
code: String!
force: Boolean!
date: DateTime!
planning: Planning
eventPerson: EventPerson
action: AccessCodeScanActionEnum!
result: AccessCodeScanResultEnum!

Fields ● ID! non-null scalar

AccessCodeScan.deviceName ● String scalar

AccessCodeScan.code ● String! non-null scalar

AccessCodeScan.force ● Boolean! non-null scalar ● DateTime! non-null scalar

AccessCodeScan.planning ● Planning object

AccessCodeScan.eventPerson ● EventPerson object

AccessCodeScan.action ● AccessCodeScanActionEnum! non-null enum

AccessCodeScan.result ● AccessCodeScanResultEnum! non-null enum

Member Of

AccessCodeScansConnection object