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This component allows you to integrate the product details at the event level.

How it looks

Code sample

import { ProductEventDetails } from "@swapcard/react-sdk/lib/product/event-details";

export function YourProductDetailsPage() {
return <ProductEventDetails productId="<PRODUCT_ID>" />;

Available props

  • productId string (required)

    ID of the product you want to render

  • renderExhibitorCard (node: ReactNode, exhibitor: Exhibitor) => ReactNode

    Render function to wrap product exhibitor cells into your own links.

    renderExhibitorCard={(node, exhibitor) => <a href={`/path/to/exhibitor/${}`}>{node}</a>}
  • renderProductCard (node: ReactNode, product: Product) => ReactNode

    Render function to wrap product cells into your own links.

    renderProductCard={(node, product) => <a href={`/path/to/product/${}`}>{node}</a>}
  • onClickOnBookmarkButton () => void

    Callback when the user click on the bookmark button. You can redirect to another web page, open a custom modal, etc... NB: if you don't pass this callback, the bookmark button will be hidden.

  • stickyOffset number

    Containers on the left and right of the main content will be sticky while the user scrolls (this represents the number in pixel from the top of the body)