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This component allows you to integrate the exhibitor list at the event level.

How it looks

Code sample

import { ExhibitorEventListView } from "@swapcard/react-sdk/lib/exhibitor/event-list-view";

export function YourExhibitorListPage() {
return (
<ExhibitorEventListView viewId="<YOUR_EXHIBITOR_EVENT_VIEW_ID_HERE>" />

Available props

  • viewId string (required)

    ID of the view you want to render

  • renderExhibitorCard (node: ReactNode, exhibitor: Exhibitor) => ReactNode

    Render function to wrap each exhibitor cells into your own links.

    renderExhibitorCard={(node, exhibitor) => <a href={`/path/to/exhibitor/${}`}>{node}</a>}
  • search string

    Used to filter result based on user search (to combine with onSearch)

  • onSearch (search: string) => void

    Callback when user searches through the input (to combine with search)

  • selectedFilters Filter[]

    Used to filter result based on user filters (to combine with onFilter)

  • onFilter (filters: Filter[]) => void

    Callback when user filters through checkboxes (to combine with selectedFilters)

  • stickyOffset number

    Search and filter containers will be sticky while the user scrolls (this represents the number in pixel from the top of the body)

  • paginationMode INFINITE_SCROLL | BUTTON

    You can select either if you want pagination to be trigger automatically when the user scroll, or to display a button to force the user to interact to load more elements.